This week so far I’ve updated all dungeons and areas to the new perspective! 

I began working on adding more details and more complex stuff to them, as seen in the last image taken in-game. Lovely programmer art! *shudders*

I will go over them one by one now and fix things, make them cooler, optimise code a bit, add details and object spawns etc. Should be good!

Today I added a big change, I made the world in a tilted isometric view instead. Never really worked with isometric tiles before so it was a bit tricky to get the placements correct at first. Technically, it doesn’t change much. But aesthetically, oh so much :D

Will be working mainly on world stuff for a bit now so that I have more to show!

Apr 7

Back to combat

Hey guys!

The past week I’ve been doing some tweaking on the loot system and moved back to the combat system! I’ve been doing a ton of design with the many player classes, such as creating spells and perks for them.

Skills are your spells and abilities that you use actively in combat and perks are passive abilities that are always active. Perks can do a wide range of things, such as the simpler ones boosting certain stats to the more advanced ones - such as the Knight’s ability to intercept and redirect attacks made to nearly dead party members to themselves. I’m thinking that the player should be allowed to have 2 or 3 of these active at one time and probably make them easy to change outside of combat.

I’ve designed about 70 different perks currently and I got plenty more ideas - the monsters and bosses will receive unique perks too, as well as some legendary equipment might have special perks not otherwise obtainable… The possibilities are endless!

This has led to me having to change and add some stuff to the combat engine, such as the redirect damage thing. Took a while but now it’s working perfectly! This week I will focus on adding in and testing perks, expanding the combat system and designing many more spells and abilities!

Artist position is still open, by the way!

Loot update


I was away for the weekend but now I am back to coding for a few days before going away again for a whole week (sigh).

I added stat rarities and weapon damage ranges to stuff!
By stat rarities I mean it’s harder to get certain types of stats, for example %Stun resistance is much more rare than other stats like +Damage or +Fire Power. You’re also more likely to get the rare stats on higher quality items than on lower quality items.

Here’s an example of weapon with the new damage range on it:

Fatal Hydra Crystal Sword of Toughness
Right Hand
One Hand
Requires level 100 
Damage: 1443 - 1594 
+765 Vitality
+765 Strength
+14% Critical strike chance
+485 Health restored per turn

Swords have a pretty close range, an Axe of the same level and quality would have a higher max but a lower min. However, all weapons do not have a range, for example Maces and Rifles are quite precise when it comes to damage and has only a single output value.

I’ve also added a new type of item that I intend for the Assassin and Berserker to use - Blade Shields. It’s essentially a mix of weapon and shield. Here’s an example of that:

Damned Sanctified Incinerating Vendetta of Superior Momentum
Left Hand
Blade Shield
Requires level 100 
Armor: 762 
Damage: 723 
+1377 Speed
+637 Holy Resistance
+637 Shadow Resistance
+919 Fire Power
(Gotta love that long name)

As you see this weapon/armor hybrid also does not have a damage range, like the Mace and Rifle weapons.

The numbers need a bit of tweaking and balancing, of course. However that is a later concern!

Until next time :)


Hey guys!

As I got the bases of area and dungeon generations done, I decided to work a bit on the loot and item system for some much needed variation.

The past week I’ve had great progress with the item system. In fact, I don’t have much more than balancing the stats and adding more item variations left as far as weapons and armor goes. I also decided to make it very flexible and moddable, so I can easily add anything I can think of. Actually, anyone should be able to add their own weapon names, types, statpools, etc. The only problem would be adding the graphics for the items when modding, don’t know how to get around that yet. Gamemaker is a bit tricky when it comes to external graphic assets & texture pages, as far as I know.

The item system is pretty similar to what you find in titles such as Torchlight and Diablo. I love those games and I have gained much inspiration from them for my item & loot system.

Here’s an example print in a .txt file of what a weapon might look like:

Hydra Fists of Fervor
Both Hands
Requires level 22 
Damage: 198 
+167 Speed
+167 Strength
+125 Health restored per turn

The Health restore gives the “Hydra” prefix and the Speed+Strength stat combo gives the “of Fervor” suffix.

I need to change the solid damage number to a min-max range instead. Some weapon types will have very close damage ranges to provide an even and more reliable (albeit somewhat lower avg.) damage output whereas some will have very large ranges for the more high risk-high reward type of play.

I will also be adding super-rare “Legendary” items that have pre-set stats and cool special abilities - like altering/upgrading certain spells or proposing a different playstyle than what is expected of a class by drastically altering a stat or two, or by adding passive effects. This will be quite tricky to do… but I made sure that combat supports stuff like this eariler =)

Looking for an artist to join my game project


I’m looking for an artist to join me in my heroic quest to make a game! I’m developing a 2D roguelike RPG called Arenlay which you can read a little about here. I’ve got a lot of stuff done but I can never show anything cool because I lack art assets and the skill to create them myself.


Stillll looking!


Arenlay is an epic adventure that needs music to fit that idea. Enjoy the soundtrack! Once the game is released I will release an Official soundtrack for the game on Spotify, iTunes, bandcamp, and hopefully pandora. Cheers!


Brainstorming for a new game design is a lot like lighting a candle and leaving it unattended next to several stacks of newspapers.

One moment everything’s fine and controlled.

The next moment the entire place is burning down and you don’t know how you’re going to clean up or organize the mess you made.

It just goes off in all different directions and spirals out of control. You can’t really wrap your head around it.

Some raw prints from dungeons and areas. I made a per-pixel print thing rather than zooming out in-game and taking a screencap of the tiles, because that sucked.

I updated the shape generation further, it’s now faster and can’t make detached sections - unless specified to do so. Overall shapes of areas are pretty similar because I use the same algorithm for all of them (not dungeons) but that doesn’t really matter. The stuff that’s in them will be very different. These are all still pretty early work in progress (WIP) as it’s just the basic shapes. Still working on the details =)

Mar 8

Old and new generation of same area. Still lacking any kind of detail stuff, but hey, almost all zone algorithms are done now and use my new random shape thingy. Need to add more control to the base shape, though, as some areas should have more defined and less random shapes to better fit their geographical location and other stuff.